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Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Our overall approach to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is straightforward – we believe in keeping it Strong and Simple.


We begin by auditing your assets and assessing your SEO/SEM goals post which we share timeline expectations. We then plan a campaign in detail, review your analytics and your competitors, assess your keyword potential and compile a database of link opportunities. Once you’ve given us the green signal, we move forward with our plan of action and execute them. First, we take care of your on-page optimization, making your site visible to search engine spiders. This helps ensure that search engines know you’re a worthy candidate when someone’s looking up a keyword and helps push you to the top for greater visibility.

Then, we take care of your off-page optimization. This is done through high-quality articles and content, infographics for link-baiting, social backlinking, natural link building and social media management for SEO impact.

With a budget we take forward the step with Google Adwords. After all, we think Google Partners Ads are easy to show up your ads on top and that too with no time. Realising it’s good? Yes, it is. We start on with learning your buyer’s persona i.e target location and target audience. Then we start by creating, planning and implementing the campaigns with the perfect right strategy and implication of researched keywords.